​Manitou Springs has the largest historical district west of the Mississippi, and along with many old properties come hauntings by their historic residents.

Haunted Dimensions is a Parahistoric team who attempts to contact spirits of people who can be proven to have a connection to that place.

FOX21 joined in on one of their “public” investigations when the experts brings a small group together and allow them to use their state-of-the-art spirit seeking equipment.

We used electromagnetic frequency devices, temperature lasers, touch sensors and voice recorders just like you see on TV. But this search was less dramatic and more scientific.

The haunted spot? Iron Springs Chateau. The owners told stories of some unexplainable events happening there in it’s history.

We attribute an awful lot of what goes on around here to the ghosts,” Rebekah Ratterree, a co-owner of Iron Springs said. She wasn’t surprised by much of what happened, but said the crowd might upset the spirits.

Our ghosts are very comfortable with the people who work here, and who’ve been around for a while. They’re quite settled and they are very discontent whenever change happens,” she said.

We found that was exactly the case. While there were a few friendly conversations with what was believed to be an actor and young boy who died years ago, some of the entities weren’t pleased with our presence.

“We were joking around upstairs and apparently something got aggravated because right in the middle of it, this fan went crashing down and got everybody’s attention,” Rich Horn, inventor and owner of Colorado Para-Tech said.

Upon going thru evidence, it was discovered very clearly that a guest had thrown the fan to fake evidence.

A group had gone into the dressing room above the stage, and while some were joking around at the lack of spirit response, a fan fell from it’s spot on the wall, flinging the electrical cord into the center of the group.

Apparently poking fun at the paranormal makes spirits perturbed.

“People that don’t want to accept these kinds of things are usually the ones that kinda get knocked on the head with it,” Ratterree explained. That’s exactly what happened to her last bartender, who quit after being taught not to tease spirits. “She was kind of poo-pooing it and saying they’re not really here. Well, there was a sign behind the liquor and the sign flew off, and then all the liquor flew off at her,” Ratterree said.

And that’s just one of many stories. They’ve known the ghosts to cut off credit card readers when out-of-town acting troops come to perform, and one in particular, the “Lady in White” scared off a few patrons.

The story goes, that a man was on his way up to the Incline and wanted to use the bathroom. He went to the door of Iron Springs and saw a woman standing there, but she wouldn’t let him in! She just continued to stare straight at him, refusing to open the door against his best efforts to get her attention. When the first employee came to work that day, the man expressed his anger at the poor service of the woman upstairs. When asked who it was he said a lady in white was there. After a complete tour of the building to convince him no one had been there to open up yet, he became frustrated and left.

The melodrama has its fair share of strange scenes, some of which were witnessed early Saturday morning.

“We had the sound of a chair being moved across the theater room,” Erick Wright, of Haunted Dimensions said. “We didn’t catch it on film, but we had a handful of people who all witnessed the same sound,” he explained.

Wright has seen a figure in the same room, walking along the back wall. His crew, on their way out of a pre-investigation in Iron Springs heard a woman singing opera, and 15 seconds later she was gone.

The technology they used will soon show who was trying to contact us from the other side.

 “We’ve had whispers up here, and we’re still trying to get some names. But it appears Sid is here and wanting to interact with us. Sid was an actor that had been here 40 years. He passed away 15 years ago,” Wright said.

The recordings they took will take time to be synced and analyzed to find out what we really experienced based on what shows up on audio and video recordings.

Whether it’s real, or coincidence staff and visitors said they’re not taking their chances.

The group gives 100% of the proceeds to the historic locations they investigate.

Paranormal investigation of Iron Springs Chateau