Meet The Team

Erick Wright
Producer/ Historical Researcher/Co-founder/Tech. Advisor 
Mr. Wright is passionate about history and documenting the paranormal. He sees absolutely no reason why "history" shouldn't still be walking around. Yes, his intensity suggests he might have spent a little too much time in a library. But this has been the result of trying to solve the identity of the very "walking history" that has come across his path. Erick has been a paranormal investigator for the past 30 years and is best known for his "earth shattering" discoveries to our local history scene in relation to the founding father of Manitou Spring's, Dr. William A. Bell. He is also given credit with creating the historic & paranormal division of The Briarhurst Manor with his wife, Tammila. Erick's knowledge of electronics, electricity, and radio frequencies has been crucial in the formulation of our technology. He holds a Degree in Electronics specializing in Communications, and is a 5th generation native to Colorado. Mr. Wright is also associated with the Manitou Springs Heritage Museum, and curently a curator for a large local history museum. Mr. Wright not only is one of the Executive Producers for this video production, but has also worked as Director, Production Coordinator, Line Producer, Actor, and Grip. Mr. Wright recently worked on seasons one and two on the hit show "Homicide Hunter" for the Discovery Channel. Erick has also worked with cinematographers Mr. Carl Bartles and Mr. Ken Stipe as a focus Puller, Grip, Mobile Dolly, Specialty Lighting Director, Production Assistant, and 1st AC. Mr. Wright appeared on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, “Haunted Rocky Mountains” episode, which aired Oct.28th, 2009 and Ghost Hunter's “Live” Halloween Show 2008 (Pilgrim TV & Film). He portrayed Emma Crawford's mourning husband, Wilhelm Hildebrandt on Haunted History (Greystone Productions) episode “Haunted Rockies” and continues to portray him for the last twenty five years in the Halloween Haunted History tours, sponsored by the Manitou Springs Heritage Center.

Tammila Wright

Executive Producer/Historical Researcher/Co-founder
​Mrs. Wright has a lab rat intensity for this project. As previous Madam Chairman of the Manitou Springs Historic Preservation Commission, Tammila’s crusade is in preserving historic locations. Her continued efforts result in heightened awareness, crucial to the revitalization of these venerable sites."Quantum Physics technology holds the very key to explaining paranormal activity in historic locations," she lectures. "Imagine meeting a "past-on resident" and learning the historic site maybe demolished or just plain forgotten. The "walking history" is still there and we are determined to honor it."Mrs. Wright is best known for establishing the historic & paranormal division for The Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  Tammila has over 30 years experience in investigating the paranormal and currently lectures on the local history of Colorado along with writing a book on the history of the Pikes Peak area history. She has appeared on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters,“Haunted Rocky Mountains” Oct.28th, 2009, Ghost Hunters “Live” Halloween Show 2008, (Pilgrim Film & TV), Haunted History “Haunted Rockies” episode as the ghost of Emma Crawford (Greystone Productions), and “People of the Bison” as White Buffalo Calf Women (Taurus Productions). Locally, for the past 23 years, Tammila has reprised her role as Emma Crawford for “The Historic Ghost Walk” Haunted History tours presented by the Manitou Springs Heritage Center. Tammila and her husband, Erick of 28 years, make up one of the best known married paranormal team in America……and maybe beyond!

Jennifer "JB" Blanco
​Investigator/ Historical Researcher/ Public Relations
​ Jennifer Blanco grew up in Saginaw, Michigan.  Her love for radio started early.  She became interested in pursuing a radio career while in High School in Indianapolis.  She received her FCC license and drivers license in the same year.  Jennifer moved to Boulder, Colorado her senior year and continued in broadcasting.  At the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. Jennifer worked for 9 years at KVOR-AM.  Starting as a board operator, she quickly learned the many facets of broadcasting.  During her time at KVOR Jennifer became skilled in many different areas.  Her favorite job was working as a producer for the many local talk shows.  Jennifer still keeps an eye out for show ideas for the Richard Randall Show on KVOR dubbing herself the “unofficial producer“.  While at KVOR, She also produced commercials, screened phone calls for talk shows, assisted the news department, and produced live events such as Air Force Football.Needing a new challenge Jennifer left KVOR for Real Estate.  In 1998 she joined the All Seasons team as an administrative assistant, and now for Remax.  She currently handles many important projects outside of the office.  Jennifer’s main responsibility is to place advertisements in local print media as well as on the internet.  She also writes the quarterly tenant newsletter. Jennifer met Erick and Tammila Wright while researching story ideas for the Richard Randall show.  She joined the investigative team in August 2009 as publicist/ investigator and looks forward to a great adventure.  Jennifer has many great ideas on how to introduce Erick and Tammila to the world.


Larry and Sandy Reed


Larry has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child. That was the first time that Larry had a connection to the paranormal. While on duty, (Larry Reed is a retired police officer for the San Diego Police Department) Larry was called to the Whaley House which is located in old town San Diego, by his police partner. He and his partner heard a woman screaming around back of the house. After several minutes of screaming and searching, nothing was found.  This incident was documented in the San Diego Police records. This was the start of what was to come.

Sandy Reed was about 12 when she had her first paranormal encounter. After her mother’s death, Sandy experienced the presence of her mother and smelled her mothers perfume several times. When Sandy met Larry, it was a match that lead to a cross country paranormal investigation tour.Since 2005 when they first met, they have traveled from coast to coast visiting and pursuing paranormal experiences.

Beth McCarley
​Beth received her BA degree in film and television production from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Her interest in the paranormal led her to cross paths with Erick & Tammila Wright on an investigation in October of 2010.  This introduction was quickly followed by the discovery of their matching extreme passion for Colorado history.   She is no stranger to documenting the paranormal; during their last year at college she and Eric Carlson completed a Cinematography award-winning short film that was featured in the Creste Butte Film Festival about the allegedly haunted Aurora Third Bridge. Beth was the Official videographer for the Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2011. She has experience in using the Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D video camera. Beth also has extensive experience in shooting animals in motion, Final Cut editing software, and “B” roll shooting. Beth currently runs the IMAX projection theater in Denver while trying to spend as much time as she can on weekends exploring ghost towns of Colorado and delving into their past.

Eric Carlson
Videographer/ Investigator 
​Eric Carlson received his BA in film production at the University of Colorado at Denver. Since then he has worked on many narrative and documentary films, primarily in the role of cinematographer and has recently been a part of a storm chasing team. Eric also has a background in computer programming and mobile development, producing applications for android and building computers. Along with Beth, he recently directed a documentary about the AuroraThird Bridge, a haunted site in Colorado.  He met Erick and Tammila through Beth, and has since has had an interest in capturing and experiencing the paranormal.

Joél (Jody) S. Diehl 
Lead Investigator
​​Joél (Jody) S. Diehl is from the Lenape Tribe native to the Eastern United States and European descent. He studied at the Baum School of Art, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, from 1982 to 1989. He was a student of philosophy and theology at DeSales University from 1982 to 1989. Joél is an ordained Universalist Minister, Reiki Grand Master, Zen Master and is a practicing Zen Buddhist. Joél has a BA in Philosophy, MA in Theology and a Doctorate in Metaphysics. From early childhood on, Joél’s family realized that he had spiritual gifts. Instead of attempting to squelch them, his family encouraged their growth. Through the help of his Grandmother, who was a Medium and paranormal researcher, Joél learned how to hone his gifts. As a Psychic/Medium, Joél does not believe in charging for a gift that has been freely given to him. His belief is that what is freely bestowed upon us, as a gift to help others, must be equally given with no agenda. Joél is a five time published spiritual/self-help author, as well as a published biorhythm artist and wildlife/nature photographer. His fortes are in the areas of psychometry, automatic writing, past life regression and empathic connectivity. Joél has worked closely with many Crime Investigation Units, in Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona, using psychometry and his abilities in helping with forensic investigations. Joél spent time in Israel and Jordan studying, as well as Egypt and Mexico.  Joél is excited to be the newest member of the Haunted Dimensions team.